Ecco il modo migliore per realizzare il peggior corso E-learning 1
Ecco il modo migliore per realizzare il peggior corso E-learning 1

Every day, our brains are bombarded by a barrage of notifications and an onslaught of information and new content to explore and learn Yet we're also subjected to a myriad of variables that distract us.


Key data on the use of mobile devices, the internet and social media provide some food for thought: having access to such vast amounts of different tools and information can lead to a strong feeling of cognitive disorientation.


There’s a reason for all of this.

What we call the attention curve is the short frame of time when our minds are physiologically able to concentrate on a certain topic and so are primed and ready for successful learning.

Attention sky rockets and peaks in about 7 minutes, and then begins to decrease.


Various cognitive psychology theories agree on one thing: if the cognitive load (i.e. the amount of information that our memory has to process within a certain period of time) is too high, it may use up the cognitive resources required to learn and become gridlocked.


In light of these studies and theories, this easybook provides some tips to help you learn in the best way possible, stress-free and enthusiastically.


With this book you’ll learn:

•    The inbuilt mechanisms of your brain that influence learning

•    How to manage cognitive load using two key tools: content segmentation and pacing

•    The 7Minutes solution, the cornerstones when it comes to accessible, micro and mobile online training.


L’E-Learning Docebo supera i 200.000 utenti formati su piattaforma Cloud

2011-07-11 06:03


Digital learning,


Docebo,  l'azienda che ha creato DoceboLMS, la piattaforma per l'E-Learning senza costi di licenza famosa e utilizzata in tutto il Mondo, ha superato il traguardo dei 200.000 utenti formati in progetti formativi a distanza su piattaforma Cloud DoceboLMS.

Docebo opera a livello internazionale gestendo ogni anno progetti E-Learning per Grandi Aziende, Enti e Organizzazioni, offrendo un'ampia gamma di servizi integrati per la formazione a distanza (il software per l'E-Learning

DoceboLMS in versione Cloud e Mobile, corsi multimediali, consulenza e project management).

Tra i suoi investitori è presente l'Internet Service Provider Seeweb, leader nelle soluzioni Cloud.

Claudio Erba, CEO di Docebo, afferma che “il cloud è una vera e propria rivoluzione tecnologica, ben lontana dalle solite “mode” passeggere. L’impegno di Docebo nell’accogliere e anticipare questa rivoluzione è altamente strategico: la società ha già completato, nei primi mesi del 2011, la migrazione su infrastruttura Cloud Seeweb, primo fornitore di soluzioni cloud che opera a livello internazionale.  Ora possiamo festeggiare l’importante traguardo dei 200.000 utenti in formazione sulla nostra piattaforma Cloud”.

Rivolta a Grandi Aziende e PMI, la piattaforma E-Learning DoceboLMS è un software cloud-ready, ovvero progettato per funzionare perfettamente in soluzioni Cloud che consentono notevoli risparmi economici oltre ad una gestione semplificata di tutte le competenze hardware.

Attualmente, DoceboLMS gestisce oltre 200.000 utenti su piattaforma Cloud, con l’installazione-cliente più grossa che supera i 70.000 utenti. L’infrastruttura Cloud Seeweb permette a Docebo di erogare servizi di formazione al top della gamma, con uptime garantito del 99,9%.

Per maggiori informazioni su Docebo e DoceboLMS:




Docebo is the company that created DoceboLMS, the E-Learning platform with no licence fees that is known and used throughout the World, announced the surpassed milestone of 200,000 users managed in distance learning projects using DoceboLMS Cloud.

Docebo operates at an international level, managing E-Learning projects every year for large companies, bodies and

organisations and providing a wide range of integrated services for distance training (DoceboLMS E-Learning software

in Cloud and Mobile solutions, multimedia courses, consultancy and project management).

Its investors include Seeweb, the leading Internet Service Provider for cloud hosting solutions.

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo says: "Cloud computing is a real technological revolution, far from the usual fads. The Docebo commitment in welcoming and anticipate this revolution is highly strategic: the company has already completed, in early 2011, the migration to the Cloud Seeweb infrastructure, the first cloud provider that operates internationally. Now we can celebrate the milestone of 200,000 users in training on our Cloud platform".

Dedicated to Large Companies and SMEs, the E-Learning DoceboLMS platform is a cloud-ready software, designed to work perfectly in Cloud solutions that enable significant cost savings as well as simplified management of all hardware aspects.

DoceboLMS currently manages over 200,000 users on Cloud solutions, with the largest installationcustomer that counts more than 70,000 users. The Cloud Seeweb infrastructure allows Docebo to provide top quality training services, with a guaranteed uptime of 99,9%.

For more informations about Docebo and DoceboLMS:



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